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    Vinyl Pulse

  • Paul Kaiju Black Usagi Mister Ree (02.01)

    31 Jan 2015 | 11:43 am
    On Sunday, February 1st, you’re going to want to put down that hot dog and beer as you watch the Superbowl. That’s because Paul Kaiju will be releasing his Black Usagi edition Mister Ree figures! The official drop will take place at 6PM PST on his Online Store HERE. Good...
  • Chris Ryniak x Squibbles Ink. + Rotofugi The Figgle Bits! (03.02)

    30 Jan 2015 | 9:53 pm
    Meet Gubble, Fibbly and Ploop, better known as the Figgle Bits! These 2.85” figures are the creation of Chris Ryniak and are produced by Squibbles Ink. + Rotofugi. These ridiculously cute creatures will be available this Tuesday, February 3rd at 7:59AM PST through Rotofugi HERE. They will retail $12.95 and...
  • Gary Hams Design for Android Series 05

    30 Jan 2015 | 9:31 pm
    Let us end Gary Ham’s blogging spree with a new blog post about the Birthday boy! He not only has one submission for the Android Series 05, he has two! Following his SK8 Cop, Android is proud to present Hoops Fanatic. This designer comes with an over-sized novelty foam finger...
  • Nathan Jurevicinaus - Peleda Designs

    Gary Ham
    30 Jan 2015 | 3:00 pm
    Nathan Jurevicius is a design beast and one of my all time favorite toy designers. Just about everything Nathan creates I want to own as a toy. He has a vastly creative mind, an incredible eye for design, and develops ridiculously imaginative worlds for his characters. Over the past couple...
  • Interview with Lana Crooks

    Gary Ham
    30 Jan 2015 | 2:30 pm
    Lana Crooks is one of the top plush fabricators and has teamed up with many designers to bring their designs to life as well as meticulously creating many of her own faux specimens. She is without doubt a true master of her craft and can now add award winning to...
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    TOYS - Yahoo News Search Results

  • Zlatan has no time for questions, toys with reporter instead (VIDEO)

    31 Jan 2015 | 5:18 pm
    Zlatan has no time for questions, toys with reporter instead (VIDEO)
  • Mattel CEO feels 'sense of urgency' for new toys as Barbie ages

    30 Jan 2015 | 9:07 am
    The company, which also makes Fisher-Price preschool toys and Monster High and American Girl dolls, reported its fifth straight fall in worldwide quarterly sales on Friday. Worldwide sales of Barbie fell 12 percent in the fourth quarter, while those of Fisher-Price toys declined 11 percent. Christopher Sinclair, who took Mattel's reins after it removed Bryan Stockton as CEO on Monday, said the ...
  • Industrial Toys Releases Midnight Rises

    29 Jan 2015 | 4:31 pm
    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Industrial Toys releases Midnight Rises, a new graphic novel experience that introduces and enhances its action game counterpart, Midnight Star. Midnight Rises is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Midnight Rises is the 1st graphic novel from Hugo-award winning author John Scalzi (Old Man's War, Lock In), with illustration from ...
  • Toys"R"Us® Announces Expansion Of Partnership With Special Olympics To Help Children Of All Abilities Experience ...

    29 Jan 2015 | 6:00 am
    With a $1.25 million commitment from the Toys"R"Us Children's Fund, the company will serve as a sponsor of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, which will welcome 7,000 athletes and 3,000 coaches representing 177 countries, to Los Angeles, CA from July 25 to August 2. Held every two years, the World Games is the flagship event of the Special Olympics movement and will be the year's largest ...
  • VIDEO: How toys are going hi-tech in 2015

    29 Jan 2015 | 2:55 am
    Toys are getting ever more hi-tech - from robots that can research the internet to toy drones and plastic pets.
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  • Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Thundercracker - Official Photos And Product Description

    1 Feb 2015 | 7:37 am
    Hasbro has posted its product page for Leader Class Thundercracker with official images and a product description! A seemingly chrome-free remold of Legends Jetfire, Thundercracker seems to come with most but not all of Jetfire's gear, with the iconic booster pack sensibly excluded. Keep reading to see!
  • Transformers Universe Character Design Models Including Some Never Seen In-Game

    31 Jan 2015 | 11:55 pm
    Jagex's Transformers Universe game has run the course of its short life, but the project had a lot of art designed for it, and the artists that contributed have been posting their work for all to see. We have a range of pieces from Oliver Miles and Sam Beattie including elements that never had a chance to be used in the game. Adam Turnbull has also posted a few video clips to his Vimeo account including function demos and cinematic elements, which we've got embedded below. Click through to check out everything!
  • Combiner Wars Menasor ...ish! First Look at Motormaster Combined Mode Remolding

    31 Jan 2015 | 6:42 pm
    2Danomite has followed up his first round of photos with some shots of Motormaster configured for Menasor, although three-fifths of the combiner still consists of Aerialbots for now. But this notably gives us a first chance to see the remolding for the inner combined-mode chest which up until now has always been concealed under Blackjack in the promotional photos. We believe the outer chest doors may have changes as well, but we're still waiting to get a look at those. Meanwhile, click through and check out the new pictures!
  • Generations Combiner Wars Wave 2 Voyagers Shipping! In-Hand Photos of Motormaster!

    31 Jan 2015 | 3:31 pm
    Twitter user @2Danomite2 has posted images of his just-arrived Voyager Motormaster! The figure is looking good, and Daniel says that he ordered the case from Entertainment Earth. If so, we can hopefully expect preorders to be filled soon from other online retailers. Keep reading to see the photos!
  • Kre-O Battlechangers New Photos Of Soundwave Transforming Building Block Set

    31 Jan 2015 | 11:29 am
    From SamsungHK we have a batch of new photos showing off Soundwave, part of a two-pack coming up in the new Kre-O Battlechangers series of transforming figure kits. While we don't have photos of Ratchet, the other side of this set, we do see Soundwave comes with a full set of little buddies in the form of Ravage and Laserbeak mini-builds, and Rumble and Frenzy represented by the smaller scale Kreons. The photos even show a way that they can all incorporate with Soundwave in both modes. Keep reading and check it all out!
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    Plastic and Plush

  • Fakir Design’s Okami Red

    30 Jan 2015 | 5:30 pm
    Fakir Design has announced that the Okami Red will be available via their store on Monday February 2nd 2015 at 8AM ET. There will only be 10 pieces available, with each one being signed and numbered. Each figure also includes a 5.5-inch by 5.5-inch print. You can order one for €150.00 plus shipping (about $168).
  • Vinyl Sugar announces Dorbz

    30 Jan 2015 | 3:30 pm
    Funko, via their Vinyl Sugar label, has teased the upcoming Dorbz toy line. Apparently, they have the Marvel and DC Comics licenses to produce Dorbz figures based on characters from those comics/films. And they'll be releasing all of the news at NY Toy Fair in February 2015.
  • Marvel Collector Corps

    30 Jan 2015 | 1:45 pm
    Funko has collaborated with Marvel to build a first-of-its-kind subscription box service – Marvel Collector Corps – featuring 100% exclusive collectibles, apparel and accessories from some of the biggest events in the Marvel movie and comic book universe. The debut box ships in April 2015 and will feature items from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, including an exclusive 6” Iron Man Hulkbuster Pop! vinyl collectible only available through Marvel Collector Corps. The box contents also include a T-shirt featuring one of four exclusive designs, an additional stylized vinyl collectible…
  • Pop! Movies: Big Trouble in Little China

    30 Jan 2015 | 10:45 am
    The Pop! Movies: Big Trouble in Little China series from Funko will be available in February 2015. The line will include Jack Burton, Gracie Law, Lo Pan, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning in little Pop! style.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – 1/6th scale Thanos

    30 Jan 2015 | 8:15 am
    Thanos is one of the most infamous Marvel villains in comic book history. Now, Hot Toys has announced the eagerly-anticipated 1/6th scale Thanos Collectible Figure from Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie-accurate Thanos collectible figure features a newly developed helmeted head sculpt, meticulously sculpted armored body, and Thanos’ throne with LED light-up function. Sideshow Collectibles is currently taking pre-orders for the Thanos figure. Shipping in the 4th Quarter of 2015, you can place you order now for $414.99. The 1/6th scale Thanos figure features: Pair of fists Pair of relaxed…
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    Culture Japan - Your portal to Japan - Posts

  • Taiwan Update

    28 Jan 2015 | 3:52 pm
    I've been in Taiwan for about a week now and we have already done two events - the Kadokawa Contents Academy talk and CJ Night Taipei. It's been 3 years since my last visit to Taiwan and things have changed a lot - I didn't know just how popular Mirai was until my day 1 talk at Kadokawa Contents Academy followed by CJ Night. Despite being on a weekday, many comrades still managed to attend CJ Night Taipei and we also sold out of everything (Smart Doll, Moekana, Moekanji, T-shirts) on the night >< Right now I'm running to and forth various meetings with my team and when we get a breather…
  • Mirai x Kinokuniya Singapore

    22 Jan 2015 | 12:14 am
    Thanks to all those who went to a branch of Kinokuniya in Singapore to either get a new or exchange their Privilege Card (KPC) for the Mirai one ^o^ All stock depleted in a jiffy and while they wont be making anymore of the old design, Kinokuniya Singapore have released a new design for their new customers.The Singapore Kinokuniya Card is only valid in Singapore. Malaysia have their own Mirai KPC and I'm working on getting other Kinokuniya stores around the world to converted to the Mirai designs. Not all Kinokuniya have privilege cards though and depends on the local laws about discounting -…
  • Taipei Event Details

    18 Jan 2015 | 9:59 pm
    I'm leaving for Taiwan this Friday for what I guess would be a Taipei Tour. We got 3 events that we need to do which are Kadokawa, CJ Night and Fancy Frontier - and to top it off we will also be meeting distributors of CJ merchandise, Smart Doll and also be filming an episode of "Japanese Pop Culture in Taiwan."Kadokawa have started to open their schools around the world - Kadokawa Contents Academy. I will be teaching at their Taiwan school this Saturday and Sunday (Jan 24th+25th). For folks who are interested please check out this entry at Kadokawa. Anybody can attend so if you are…
  • A Week in Dubai

    17 Jan 2015 | 5:33 pm
    I was invited to Dubai last April to attend the Middle East Film & Comic Con - I had been wanting to attend the previous two years and was so glad that I could finally make it. Dubai is a wonderful international city and even though the main language is Arabic, English is the second language that is spoken by the majority of folks who power the service sector so if you are thinking of traveling and feel more comfy speaking in English then you wont have any probs making your way around. April had a good climate to visit - not too hot (when in the shade) with cool evenings - felt a lot like…
  • Tokyo Temple Visit

    15 Jan 2015 | 12:21 am
    At the beginning of each year, wifey and I visit our local temple to pay respects and exchange our amulets which we picked up the previous year. Today's photos are taken on the Sony RX1 which I use to take all Smart Doll photos.Our local temple is called Meguro Fudoson Ryusenji [目黒不動尊龍泉寺] and is located in Meguro Tokyo at the following location. The nearest station would be Fudomae [不動前] on the Tokyu Meguro Line which is two stops away from JR Meguro on the Yamanote Line. 〒153-0064 Tokyo, Meguro, Shimomeguro, 3 Chome 20 26View location with Google MapsBefore we enter…
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  • TOYSREVIL's Top Ten Toy-Wants for 2014

    31 Jan 2015 | 11:28 pm
    I told myself NOT to do up this list, least it came across as if I was trolling for free toys (IT IS NOT, and I very seldom ever ask for "free toys"), a constant annual struggle yet again a "losing-fight" I am content to be saddled with (eh) … As much as I celebrated my Top Ten Toys for 2014 (and Top Twenty Toys), I too need to give due to my wants-but-do-not-have … with this list featuring "
  • #LookBack DECEMBER 2014

    31 Jan 2015 | 9:57 pm
    No rest to be had until the last day of December 2014, what with Anime Festival Asia 2014 (Dec 5-7), and Toy Soul 2014 (Dec 19-21, 2014) to help wrap up a toy-ful year! Memories for "December" was of course much clearer than the beginning of the year, and while it had been a mixed bag of memories good and not-so-spectacular, it too help served as a gauge for what the blog direction is to come

    31 Jan 2015 | 9:23 pm
    So you've read my Top Ten Toys for 2014 (It's okay if you haven't, do feel free to CLICK HERE to read them ALL MUAHAHAHAHA), and you know that "just 10" ain't gonna cut it from me, people! So today I present; TOYSREVIL's TOP TWENTY TOYS FOR 2014! Counting down from #20 thru to #11 of my fav picks of toys that I own in my personal collection (versus what is available "out there") - Read-ON to see
  • #LookBack NOVEMBER 2014

    31 Jan 2015 | 5:00 am
    The excitement and anticipation for DesignerCon 2014 in the early month of November, has become a prime point of annual focus for many artists plying their trade in the Designer / Art Toy Culture, including folks from the East. Against "bigger cons" like SDCC or NYCC, folks recognize the niche focus of DCon versus the now media-saturated events, in the ever struggle for eyeballs and ringing of
  • Your Top Ten Toys for 2014 on TOYSREVIL

    31 Jan 2015 | 4:44 am
    WHAT-IS: *Celebrating 2015 with a series of "TOP TEN TOYS FOR 2014" as picked by fellow plastic-crack-addicts … eerrr … I meant "fellow toy collectors"! It doesn't have to be released in 2014, it just has to be purchased / gifted / unboxed in 2014. Living my toy-dreams vicariously through you collections! Share Your Toy-Joy, people!* [CLICK to read all on TOYSREVIL / Directory on Facebook] I
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    Albotas - Gaming, comics, toys, gadgets, and more


    30 Jan 2015 | 9:10 pm
    GIVEAWAY: REGULAR SHOW MORDECAI PACK AND RIGBY PACK DVD’SWe’ve teamed up with Cartoon Network to deliver a double dose of freshness straight to your domepieces in the form the the Regular Show Mordecai Pack and Regular Show Rigby Pack DVD’sTWO WAYS TO WIN:Leave a comment on this post in the Disqus comments section below on the main page (Tumblr reblogs DO NOT count)Retweet the Twitter post below#RETWEET & WIN - @RegularShow #Mordecai and #Rigby DVD Packs from @cartoonnetwork #giveaway— albotas (@albotas) January 31, 2015 BETTER YOUR…

    29 Jan 2015 | 12:32 pm
    THE CREATOR OF ‘ADVENTURE TIME' WAS TOTALLY SORT OF IN A BOY BAND AND YOU NEED TO HEAR THISI recently picked up Adventure Time Season 4 on Blu-ray and one of the bonus features is a cool little behind-the-scenes look at the music behind the show. The best part of all is this bit where the show’s creator, Pendleton Ward, talks about a boy band that he was in called Bloody Burbanks with some of AT’s producers. He begins belting out a sweet pop tune which then gets a funky beat dropped on it and it’s nothing short of mesmerizing.The actual song goes on longer in the bonus features than…

    29 Jan 2015 | 11:15 am
    CHECK OUT THESE POP CULTURE DONUTS BY TIMMY HANNOI came across this Instagram by user @archehemmingway that has some incredible pop culture donuts, so I had to post these cool creations here. I reached out to the baker, Timmy Hanno, and he filled me in on his donut work:I work at a little bakery in the south burbs of Chicago called Tuzik’s Bakery. Mostly I’m the night guy, getting things ready for the morning and decorating cakes, cookies, and donuts when needed. Half the time I know which character I’m doing that night and half the time I see a donut that reminds me of a character and…
  • 'FANTASTIC 4' REBOOT TRAILER Not sure how I feel about this....

    27 Jan 2015 | 5:38 pm
    'FANTASTIC 4' REBOOT TRAILER Not sure how I feel about this. Looks like it could be a decent movie even if it had nothing to do with a comic series. Seeing as how it’s just a teaser, all the superhero bits have been turned way down save for a quick “FLAME ON!” moment, a split second of off-screen arm-stretching, some Thing looking all rocky, and Sue doing some glowy blue stuff. I’m still kind of bummed that they’re trying to appeal to the CW tween crowd by casting a bunch of young dreamy kids, but I’m old and grouchy (i.e. NOT the demographic for this movie), so my vote doesn’t…
  • REMINDER: STAR WARS #1 GIVEAWAY ENDS 1/26 In case you...

    23 Jan 2015 | 5:34 am
    REMINDER: STAR WARS #1 GIVEAWAY ENDS 1/26 In case you didn’t know, we’re giving away a copy of Star Wars #1 (which I reviewed here) and there’s a only a few days left to enter! All you have to do is follow Albotas on Instagram, post the above pic to your Instagram account, and then use the hashtag #albotas in the post. You can enter once a day to better your chances of winning and the shipping is free! So yeah… go do that.
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  • Under the Radar: Fuller's Big Cat Series

    Brian Szabelski
    31 Jan 2015 | 2:30 pm
    Fuller has a new series of custom creations in his shop: The Grrrr... Big Cats Series of figures. Fuller has taken his Grrr character and made it into a 6-inch resin-cast creation, and four of them have been decorated like various big cats. There are tiger, panther, snow leopard and lion variations, each featuring a grinning character hiding inside a catsuit. The first series is US$140 and tiger has already been sold, but the other three are available in Fuller's shop.  Read more...
  • We may yet see a pink Batman: EE to sell Pop! yellow 'Rainbow' Batman

    31 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am
    We recently discussed the possibility of DC Collectibles releasing a "Rainbow" Batman action figure set and now, apparently not to be outdone, Funko will be releasing a Pop! yellow Rainbow Batman. The figure is the first in an Entertainment Earth exclusive series (see the teaser in the gallery) with a new figure announced each Friday so fans may very well see a pink Batman. And a green one. And a purple one. Funko's Pop! yellow Batman can currently be pre-ordered for US$13. He's due out in either March (if you believe the article) or May (if you look at his pre-order page). No word yet as to…
  • 3A adds more images of their massive movie Megatron

    Jeremy Emerje Crocker
    30 Jan 2015 | 2:00 pm
    As promised 3A has officially begun taking order on their impressive take on Transformers: Dark of the Moon Megatron and with it comes new images and details. The figure officially stands at a stunning 18.5 inches tall, dwarfing every Megatron action figure to come before it. Although that's a little small when compared with Bumblebee at 15 inches. And just like Bumblebee this is indeed an action figure, boasting more than 70(!) points of articulation including the fingers! The chains on his chest are real metal and he includes his shotgun. Plus he's got LED light-up eyes. On a…
  • Funko shoots first with new Hikari Greedo

    30 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am
    Funko has announced its newest Hikari mold: Greedo from Star Wars! (Also known as Episode IV: A New Hope.) The luckless bounty hunter, currently available for pre-order, will be available in an "Original" deco. Greedo is no stranger to Funko's lines, as the character has already had a Fabrikation and a Pop! (released way back in 2011). However, this marks the first time that ANY Star Wars character has appeared in the Hikari line (take that, Boba Fett!). Hikari Greedo may be the creepiest-looking version of Greedo that the company has released thus far (that Fabrikation, by contrast, was…
  • Keep stacking with Cinderella Tsum Tsums

    Rachael Chambers
    30 Jan 2015 | 12:00 am
    It's almost time for another infusion of soft, stackable plushies! Conveniently coming out right before the live action movie, February's Tsum Tsums are all about Cinderella. It looks like this set will include Prince Charming, Cinderella, The Fairy Godmother, and a bevy of animals. There are a total of nine toys in this set, so there's plenty to choose from! Tsum Tsums retail for US$4,95 and you can check them all out at The Disney Store. The Cinderella set will be up on February 3rd. What do you think the next set will include? Read more...
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    Meet Sam and Pete

  • Post-holiday shop update.

    19 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am
    I've had some time to take photos and list a bunch of new items in my etsy shop this past weekend, and there will be more on the way as I get organized after my holiday break.I've listed a trio of furry Fauns, a set of twins, a trio of hipster dudes, and one literary Princess from a land called Oz.  The Fauns were a lot of fun to make, as they were my first foray into using a lot of faux-fur for plush:Friedrich FaunPeneolpe and Maximillian FaunThe twins are sold separately, and are dressed in their favorite not-quite matching winter dresses made from snowflake printed cottons:This trio…
  • Welcome 2015!

    13 Jan 2015 | 4:52 pm
    Phew! What a busy time the past few months have been. The holidays were exciting and busy, and I'm so thankful to all of you who came out to the Winter UCU show in December and said hello and/or bought some plush from me. It was a fantastic experience and I'm hoping to do it again this coming holiday season as well, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, it's only January. :DHere are a few pics of my booth from the Winter Show, which was my best show of the year. Again, a HUGE thanks to everyone who bought some plush from me in 2014!So what's new for me in 2015 you ask? Well, I have re-opened…
  • Come and see me this weekend at Urban Craft Uprising!

    1 Dec 2014 | 7:45 pm
    I've been a busy bee for the past month, sewing away on a bunch of new and holiday designs for the winter Urban Craft Uprising craft show at the Seattle Exhibition Hall near the Space Needle.Here are just a few of the in-progress shots of the new work I'm creating, so if you are in the Seattle area and looking for unique holiday gifts, come and check out the show- it's got an amazing lineup of artisans with a diverse range of products for sale. Come and support your local makers and small businesses, we'd love to see you there! For a list of vendors, click here.If you'd like to see the…
  • I'm baaaaaaaack- with news of an upcoming art show. :D

    12 Nov 2014 | 5:00 am
    Told you I was trying to be better at this! :D This week's post is all about the upcoming "Common Threads" fiber art show at the FOE Gallery in Northampton, MA which opens this Friday, November 14th! I was really excited to get asked to participate in this show by the ever-amazing Lana Crooks, who curated the show along with the Gallery.For this show I wanted to try something that I hadn't done too much before, which was create with a bunch of faux fur, layering the two colors of fur to create my own textile for the effect that I wanted. I braved the dreaded "fluff-lung" that comes with…
  • I've been a BAAAAAAAAD blogger!

    5 Nov 2014 | 3:43 pm
    Lately it seems like I can't find enough time to fit in all the things I have to and want to do, which includes spending the time to update my blog regularly. Life has gotten in the way for the past 6-7 months, and I am going to try and remedy that situation starting today! You might notice a change to the blog design- I decided to start fresh and update the look of things.Since I last posted, I vended at my first Emerald Con, which was a blast and a feast for the eyes! Such people watching! Thanks to everyone who came out and stopped by the booth, we had a terrific time seeing you all.
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  • WonderGround Gallery Artist Showcase with Nidhi Chanani, Liana Hee, Jerrod Maruyama, and Miss Mindy

    29 Jan 2015 | 9:56 am
    Jerrod Maruyama Plan a fun Valentine’s Day with artists Nidhi Chanani, Liana Hee, Jerrod Maruyama, and Miss Mindy at WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District. They will will be on hand for a special appearance and signing February 14 from 11am to 1pm. Preview a few of their new pieces that will be released that day. (Sizes, prices, and formats will vary.) Liana Hee Nidhi Chanini Miss Mindy Jerrod MaruyamaFiled under: art
  • Flower Pepper Gallery presents ‘Life and Love’

    26 Jan 2015 | 10:01 am
    On Saturday, February 7, Flower Pepper Gallery presents ‘Life And Love,’ a collection of new works by Ania Tomicka, Desiree Fessler, Erika Sanada, Graham Curran, KiSung Koh, Susanne Apgar, Robert Yancy, and Roland Tamayo. Each participating artist will exhibit 6 pieces, a small cohesive body of work, 2 large and 4 small. These capsule collections will help provide the viewer with a more accurate understanding of each artist’s perspective. Roland Tamayo All of the artists in Life And Love have been chosen for the inherent beauty of their work as well as their passionate…
  • Sneak Preview: Valentina Momiji Doll

    22 Jan 2015 | 8:59 am
    Get ready to fall in love with Valentina, a special Valentine’s release from Momiji! Valentina launches exclusively at on Friday, January 23 (mid-day UK time). Each Valentina doll is hand-numbered on the base and only 850 pieces are available. She is packaged in a signature Momiji gift box and will be priced at $27.50 or £18.95.Filed under: toys Tagged: Momiji, Momiji Doll, Valentina
  • Announcing ‘Supahcute Kaiju Show 2′ at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

    20 Jan 2015 | 4:06 pm
    Cute monsters galore invaded Leanna Lin’s Wonderland last year at Supahcute Kaiju Show. This March, they’re back and they’re cuter than ever! I’m proud to announce my first show of 2015: Supahcute Kaiju Show 2: Cuter, Better, Fatter, Stronger. In this group exhibition, you’ll see adorable monsters destroying universes and wreaking havoc… all in a lovable way! The following artists from the first show will be joining us for the sequel: 100% Soft, Camilo Bejarano, catmandru!, Fat Rabbit Farm, Genevieve Santos, Jared Andrew Schorr, Jerrod Maruyama, Vanessa…
  • ‘Freaks & Americana: An Exploration of Big Top Culture’ Group Exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery Circa

    19 Jan 2015 | 10:57 pm
    Carol Liu On Saturday, January 24, Corey Helford Gallery Circa proudly presents ‘Freaks And Americana: An Exploration of Big Top Culture.’ Thematically, circus and carnival folk are part of alternative “outsider” cultures that beg the curiosity of the viewer and ignite the imagination. The circus is something that people “run away to join,” escaping the confines of a traditional lifestyle, or finding solace in an odd, heightened reality. It’s this fantasy that the show hopes to investigate. Brandi Milne Participating artsits include Annie Owens, Beau Stanton, Billy…
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  • tokidoki x Bugis+ Singapore Event Recap!

    13 Jan 2015 | 3:28 pm
    Thank you to all who came out to our special signing event in Singapore! We loved meeting everyone and getting a chance to share our tokidoki love with you! Take a look at the photos below from some of our fans! A special thanks to our sponsors who helped make the event a success! Bugis+ Canon Singapore Cheese Steak Shop Photo: @little_twin_starz Photo: @lonerver Photo: @lonerever Photo: @lonerever Photo: @akane25 Photo: @cherylarastal Photo: @qiqi16 Photo: @qiqi16 Photo: @zealousli Photo: @emilypohs Photo: @huihuitofu Photo: @akane25 Photo: @rubiistarr Photo: @kerrymedia
  • tokidoki Singapore Event!

    6 Jan 2015 | 5:09 pm
    We’re so excited to be making another trip to Singapore! Come out and join us for two days of tokidoki magic! Date: Jan. 9th What: Lecture at Nanyang Polytechnic Time: 4:30PM – 6PM Place: The School of Interactive & Digital Media , SIDM, Lecture Theatre LTM-1 RSVP: Email with your name and number. Date: Jan. 10th What: Signing Session at Bugis+ Time: 1:30PM. - 3:30PM. Place: 201 Victoria Street Singapore 188067 What: Grand Opening and Signing for fans at Cheese Steak Shop Restaurant Time: 5PM – 6PM Place: Singapore Sports Hub…
  • tokidoki Black Friday Sale!

    1 Dec 2014 | 11:37 am
    Our Black Friday Sale is in full swing… Online at and at our flagship location in Los Angeles! Lots to save on - bags, apparel, toys and more!!! Now through Monday. Order today! 
  • Hello Kitty Con Recap

    12 Nov 2014 | 11:19 am
    Did you make it to the sold-out Hello Kitty Con? tokidoki was there and we had so much fun! Here’s a recap of the VIP night, Simone Legno’s lecture with Yuko Yamaguchi and lager-than-life 10 ft tall Kittypatra statue inside the Japanese American National Museum‘s Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty art exhibit. Don’t worry if you haven’t made it over to JANM yet. Simone’s Kittypatra will be on display through April 26th, 2015!  
  • tokidoki at ITGCC!

    12 Nov 2014 | 10:09 am
    We can’t wait to make our first appearance at ITGCC! Date: November 22 – 23 Address: JIExpo Hall C. Kemayoran – Jakarta Booth #C17 For more info click here. We hope to see you there!  
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    WordPress Tag: Toy

  • 27th January 2015

    27 Jan 2015 | 3:39 am
    Haven’t done a good jigsaw in ages. This one’s all about dinosaurs. Hope all the pieces are there?
  • Contentment

    27 Jan 2015 | 2:46 am
    The day my mom and sis were supposed to arrive was a fail. Mostly on their part. Their passports needed to have at least 6 months breathing time before it expires- sis has 5 mos before expiring, and mom has 4 mos before her passport expires. The hotel I booked is non-refundable and in order for me to use their accommodations, mom needed to send an email telling them that I’ll be the one using the rooms..even though I’m the one who booked the hotel in the first place. To cut the story short, goodbye money to me! Hello homestay for 6 glorious days. This is a recap of the pics I took…
  • DIY Hanging Dog Toy

    Michelle Leanne
    27 Jan 2015 | 2:18 am
    Hey all, So, today we’re doing another doggy project, because our pup needs a lot of stimulation and it’s time she had a new play-thing! What we’re trying to make is a simple suspended toy, that will hang above the ground, and bounce or swing as she tries to play with it. I am preparing TWO bottom pieces, simply because I don’t know how long it will take her to destroy one of them, and I want a spare. I’ve chosen to use some pieces of (untreated) chopped branch that were in the firewood pile. They were a bit damp but I’ve left them inside to dry out.
  • Sleeping Cats in a Bowl

    27 Jan 2015 | 1:15 am
    Another spur of the moment purchase… adorable sleeping cats inside a bowl. Awwwwww :3 itadakimasu!
  • The Lonely Gourmet is eating alone... at home.

    27 Jan 2015 | 1:05 am
    I don’t have much info regarding this character but bought him because he’s so plain and I can easily fit him in the real world. Here’s Goro “The Lonely Gourmet” by Figma of Good Smile Company …in a 1/12 Mitsuwa model room, …sampling a ref magnet bento. :p  
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    Gad Junk

  • Find The Precise Office Furniture Now

    28 Jan 2015 | 8:42 pm
    Are you planning to open up new office for your company? It might have some small space with few rooms and or it could be an even bigger facility such as numerous floors of workspace. Whatever the conditions are, you should ensure that you put some additional efforts into selecting the office furniture. It is really important to be creative for choosing furniture so that your staff members as well as visitors will actually enjoy the work place. For example, you could select some sort of theme for your lobby area. It should include some decoration which is little attractive. So, in spite of…
  • Buying Coffee Grinders

    18 May 2014 | 7:31 pm
    Coffee grinders are very important elements in coffee productions. The coffee industry is solely dependant on quality for survival. So, acquiring the best equipment for coffee production is not just a normal day routine in the production houses but it’s very crucial in deriving the optimum flavors from the coffee beans. Commercial coffee grinders are thus chosen with utmost care to avoid ruining the reputations of well recognized companies and also to for new companies to compete favorably. Check this link here to purchase coffee grinders online at affordable prices that suits your…
  • Confer The Best Security To Your Home And Office

    15 Apr 2014 | 11:07 pm
    The alarming security tags can be a great idea for safeguarding your valuables from thefts. The tag is attached to the particular product and you can avail information about the location of the object with the help of these tags. These tags and security sticker are vital in tracking the location of a specific object in a limited space. If your valuables are often being misplaced, you can use these tags for determining their locations within a short interval of time. Thus you can save an ample amount of time as you use these tags along with the products. You do not have to run every here and…
  • Wholesale Packaging Suppliers

    3 Apr 2014 | 4:05 pm
    In the past few decades the demand for wholesale packaging supplies has incredibly enhanced. For meeting with the mounting requisites varied corporations opt for the wholesale packaging supplies. The task of relocation is not easy in nature and is quite intricate. It requires planning of every tiny detail in the most accurate manner. Moving specialists persist in systematizing the movement of goods with reliable resources and equipment’s. The transmission of goods to a totally new place without destructing is exceedingly complex. With the advent of the wholesale packers moving of goods…
  • Explaining Fashion Design

    17 Mar 2014 | 11:11 pm
    With the wide spread awareness of fashion design, many people are now beginning to purchase designer fabrics. Walking around town, you will certainly realize that there are various fashion stores displaying various works of designers. Before you even think about purchasing any clothing or textile, it is important to look at various issues that are likely to change your mind. Is what you are buying original? Is the price affordable? When you determine this it will be easy to for you to make a decision. Shopping for fabric can never be easy if you don’t know the exact design you are…
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    Take Five a Day

  • Happy Super Bowl Day

    1 Feb 2015 | 1:43 am
    Enjoy your day of Eating, TV ad watching, and even some football! Start out with a hearty breakfast. Don’t forget the beer … That should hold you until the first of 5 pre-game shows start – then you can get in some serious eating. Here’s your first great SB ad of 2015 … Tweet This […]
  • Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store Icy Francesco

    31 Jan 2015 | 2:25 am
    The Disney Stores are launching their own Ice Racers … There are some new diecasts including a metallic LM. Thanks for the heads up “infiniti mcqueen” and “John H.” Tweet This Post
  • If You Think You’re in Shape – You Might Be Wrong

    31 Jan 2015 | 12:53 am
    Apparently this is how you use the pull-up bar at the gym … I’ve walked by it many times, now I know … Tweet This Post
  • Nat Geo-Disney Then & Now Photo Contest

    30 Jan 2015 | 2:36 am
    Nat Geo/Disney is having a fun Disneyland/Disney World photo contest. Remember walking down Main Street U.S.A. or singing “it’s a small world” in the Magic Kingdom Park with your kids? Wouldn’t it be great to make new memories with them and your grandkids? Submit a “then” photo of a past Disney Park visit and you […]
  • Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 1st Target 4-Pack 2015 – Betting On Raoul

    30 Jan 2015 | 12:14 am
    The first Target-only 4-pack of 2015 is out/coming … Well, not technically available – says OOS online but you can search if your store has it in stock … it’s on the store shelf in Cedar Rapids so good luck! Only $18.99! • Vehicles feature huge character variety and authentic styling • Perfect for gifting! […]
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    The Toy Book

  • Average Time Spent Playing Games on Mobile Devices Increases 57 Percent Since 2012

    Phil Guie
    1 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
    According to Mobile Gaming 2014, the latest report from The NPD Group, those who play on a smartphone, iPod touch, or tablet are playing more often and for longer periods of time than two years ago. In fact, the average time spent playing during a typical day has increased 57 percent, to more than two hours per day in 2014 versus one hour and 20 minutes in 2012. The growth of the tablet market, as well as continued improvement of tablet technology, has seen these devices become central to the mobile gaming story. Tablet gamers are also more likely to pay for games and to spend more money on…
  • Brazilian Customs Seizes One Million Fake Peppa Pig Toys

    Magdalene Michalik
    31 Jan 2015 | 7:00 am
    Brazilian customs authorities have seized an estimated one million counterfeit Peppa Pig toys at ports across the country. The products arrived in three Brazilian ports via seven separate importers. As a result, Entertainment One Licensing, who owns the rights to the brand, is working with a Brazilian law firm to set up a notice system with customs authorities. Entertainment One has started legal procedures to destroy the fake goods after Brazilian customs was able to easily identify the counterfeit toys with relevant Peppa Pig artwork and branding. The seizures are in addition to a number of…
  • Blue Plate Media to Host its 8th Annual Media Lounge at Toy Fair

    Phil Guie
    30 Jan 2015 | 11:00 am
    Blue Plate Media Services (BPM) will be hosting its 8th annual Media Lounge, featuring free presentations and workshops, on February 16 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Coinciding with North American International Toy Fair, the event is open to Toy Industry Association (TIA) members and Toy Fair participants. Along with providing competitive industry insights, BPM experts will present their toy industry media outlook for the year, delving into media spending, media mixes, and emerging trends across various toy categories from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Workshop sessions scheduled for throughout the day…
  • Toy State Kicks Off Five-Race Sponsorship with Tommy Baldwin Racing

    Phil Guie
    30 Jan 2015 | 7:15 am
    Toy State has signed on as primary sponsor for the Tommy Baldwin Racing (TBR) No. 7 car. The Nikko/Toy State car is currently being prepped for NASCAR’s marquee race, the 2015 Daytona 500, scheduled to take place on February 22. “For nearly six decades, Toy State and Nikko-branded toys have created the thrill of auto racing through imaginative play,” says Andy Friess, senior vice president of global marketing. “We’re taking these thrills from fantasy to reality through our sponsorship with Tommy Baldwin Racing.” This sponsorship will cover the initial five races of the 2015 Sprint…
  • Gund Adds to Its Core Line and Licensed Properties

    Phil Guie
    30 Jan 2015 | 7:00 am
    This year, Gund is expanding several popular licensed product lines with new characters, costumes, and formats. Licenses include Sesame Street; Peter Rabbit; Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog; Grumpy Cat; Curious George; and Uglydoll. The expansions include backpack clips and sound toys for Peter Rabbit, and wearable scarves, hats, and earmuffs for Grumpy Cat. Gund will also introduce products for several new licenses, including character plush for the Studio Ghibli animated movie, Kiki’s Delivery Service; plush and hard goods featuring the web-comic feline, Pusheen, as well as the illustrated…
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  • 六曜を意識した生活

    榊原 友美
    28 Jan 2015 | 10:28 pm
    「六曜ステータスバー」は六曜をステータスバーに表示する単純な機能ですが、 最近は紙のカレンダーにもスマートフォンのカレンダーにも六曜の表示はなくなってしまいました。 しかし冠婚葬祭や仕事上で必要な場合もあるのでインストールしておくと便利かも知れません。 若い方にはあまり馴染みのない言葉かもしれませんが、現在でも冠婚葬祭や建築儀式などでは六曜を意識して日を選んでいます。…
  • 使いやすいウィジェットが特徴

    榊原 友美
    28 Jan 2015 | 10:27 pm
    使い勝手が良くシンプルなデザインが秀逸な「aCalendar」。動作も軽快でスケジュール管理アプリに迷ったらこれを入れておけば間違いナシです。 最大の特徴はウィジェットの使いやすさです。1×1、4×4のサイズで作成でき、それぞれタップすることでアプリを起動できます。…
  • 世界でもっとも有名なカレンダー

    榊原 友美
    28 Jan 2015 | 10:27 pm
    Googleカレンダーは現時点でもっとも有名なカレンダーと言えるでしょう。Androidを搭載したスマートフォンであればプリインストールされていることも多く、すでにGmailやGoogleのサービスを使っているのであれば使って損のないアプリです。 最近のカレンダー・スケジュール管理アプリの多くはGoogleカレンダーとの同期設定ができますが、それはつまりGoogleカレンダーを使えばさらにスマートな管理ができるということです。…
  • 圧倒的な情報量のカレンダー

    榊原 友美
    28 Jan 2015 | 10:27 pm
    日常生活の中で「今日って何の日なのかな?」と思ったことはありませんか? そんなときに便利なのがこの「日めくり 2015年版」です。 「今どきのスマートフォンで日めくりカレンダーなんて…」と思うかもしれませんが、このアプリの真骨頂はその情報の多さです。むしろ情報が多すぎて日めくりにせざるを得なかったのではないかと疑うぐらいです。…
  • 手軽なランチャー&カレンダー

    榊原 友美
    28 Jan 2015 | 10:27 pm
    「Calendar & Launcher」はウィジェットであり、アプリではありません。そのためカレンダーとランチャー機能だけしかありません。 、ウィジェットに特化したこちらは珍しいと言えるでしょう。 スケジュール登録もできない本当にただのカレンダーです。しかしそのシンプルさとは裏腹に抑えておいてほしい機能は揃っています。…
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    Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold

  • Show & Sell Site: Is this really goodbye?

    Terri Gold
    31 Jan 2015 | 9:00 am
    The Show & Sell site's Admins posted this message in the forum area of the site: Due to extensive and unrecoverable technical problems, the Show & Sell Site will close for good before the end of February 2015.It's a long story, but the short version is that the software this site uses is old and will not work with newer servers.This was not a serious problem as long as we could keep our older server, but the server company we've been with for the last 5 years is upgrading to new equipment and we have to move out.We acquired a new host and tried to move the site the last week, but it…
  • Shamrocks and Ladies in the Woods in Barbie-Land

    Terri Gold
    28 Jan 2015 | 3:36 pm
    Shamrock Celebration Barbie Doll, a Barbie Fan Club Exclusive, became available today on the Barbie Collector website. This is a Gold Label doll meaning that no more than 5500 units are produced worldwide. Price is $75.The information:Designed by: Bill Greening Release Date: 1/28/2015 Product Code: CGK93 Barbie doll is keen on green and decorated with shamrocks! Her short sleeves feature satin ribbon accents and the bodice is edged with lace. Her apron and underskirt repeat the lace motif. Includes top hat, leprechaun’s pot of “gold,” a wee greeting card and necklace.Doll DetailsBody…
  • Daily Dose of Vanessa

    Terri Gold
    26 Jan 2015 | 9:43 am
    Today's Vanessa is "High Tide." She arrived in 2007 in the line called "Style du Jour."This gal is pure pin-up material from the 1940's.High Tide was on the original tall body with high contrast makeup and period styled hair.At first, I wasn't in love with her hairstyle so I cut it and ultimately had her re-rooted and repainted. This is prior to the reroot.I have an original and I've grown to appreciate the donuts. There's a lesson to be learned but it's hard to keep dolls that I don't love. I have repurchased original issues of dolls on occasion.
  • A French Name Does Not Always a Great Doll Make

    Terri Gold
    22 Jan 2015 | 9:06 am
    Ombres Poétique = Poetic ShadowsPoésie Enchantée = Enchanted PoetryPoésie Sans Couleur = Poetry without ColorDo we see a connection here?Integrity Toys put lots of effort into "Ombres Poétique" Mademoiselle Jolie, the last 2014 W Club exclusive doll, but missed the mark.  The gown, which could have been drop dead gorgeous, is a boring, boring beige with forgettable trim.It consists of layer upon layer of tulle, all the same color. They had an opportunity to actually create an ombre (shaded, nuanced) effect by using graduated colors and eliminating the trim.I would have rather have…
  • My Favorite Doll

    Terri Gold
    19 Jan 2015 | 1:49 pm
    Our dog, Rudy, passed away this afternoon after a long battle with congestive heart failure and related illness. I have a huge empty space in my heart.This beautiful poem helps a little.Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die. by…
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  • set database: LEGO 1693 turbo force

    1 Feb 2015 | 3:56 am
    set database: LEGO 1693 turbo forceimage courtesy of peeronimage courtesy of bricklinkimage courtesy of greengozset number: 1693set name: turbo forcetheme: town, race, promotionalyear: 1992pieces: 25price: us$naminifig: nonenice town version.come with a formula one car.minifig not included.released similar as 1461 turbo force (polybag version) by LEGO in 1992.great playability.overall design is great. 
  • set database: LEGO 1461 turbo force

    31 Jan 2015 | 3:01 am
    set database: LEGO 1461 turbo forceimage courtesy of peeronimage courtesy of bricklinkimage courtesy of Rober-toset number: 1461set name: turbo forcetheme: town, race, promotionalyear: 1992pieces: 25price: us$naminifig: 1nice town set.polybag version.come with a formula one car.minifig included a racer minifig.released similar as 1693 turbo force (box version) by LEGO in 1992.great playability.overall design is great. 
  • set database: LEGO 10246 detective's office

    30 Jan 2015 | 3:15 am
    set database: LEGO 10246 detective's officeimage courtesy of FBTBset number: 10246set name: detective's officetheme: creator expert, modular housesyear: 2015pieces: 2262price: us$160minifigs: 6new creator expert sub-theme of modular houses series.modular style with colorful design.come with a detective's office.the building has 3 storey levels.every floor levels can be opened for revealing the interior.come with some realistic details like interior and exterior.on first floor has a pool hall and a barber shop.on second floor has a detective's office and a bathroom.on third floor has a…
  • set database: LEGO 1297 speed patrol

    29 Jan 2015 | 3:08 am
    set database: LEGO 1297 speed patrolimage courtesy of bricksetimage courtesy of peeronset number: 1297set name: speed patroltheme: town, police, kabaya promotionalyear: 2000pieces: 30price: us$naminifig: 1nice town set.kabaya promotional set.come with a patrol car.minifig included a police minifig.great playability.overall design is great. 
  • set database: LEGO 1296 land scooper

    28 Jan 2015 | 3:01 am
    set database: LEGO 1296 land scooperimage courtesy of bricksetimage courtesy of peeronimage courtesy of lindasnetshop55set number: 1296set name: land scoopertheme: town, construction, kabaya promotionalyear: 2000pieces: 26price: us$naminifig: 1nice town set.kabaya promotional set.come with a front loader.minifig included a worker minifig.great playability.overall design is great. 
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    The Fashion Doll Chronicles

  • Breaking news: Sybarites are going vinyl!

    29 Jan 2015 | 12:32 pm
    A few hours ago, the official Superdoll Collectibles Facebook account posted a teaser photo of an upcoming doll. She is a Venus clone, edition of 1000 and - gasp! - she is made of V I N Y L. Yes you are reading correctly, she will be a vinyl doll. More details to follow when we find out too. Meanwhile, here's the photo.
  • Integrity Toys W Club registration for 2015 is open!

    20 Jan 2015 | 3:10 am
    It's the time of the year (albeit a bit later than usual) that Integrity opens up the W Club membership registration. There are lots of perks in joining the W Club: getting early bird information on every brand manufactured by Integrity Toys, gaining access to the member's only W Club forum and exclusive newsletters, having the privilege to buy five exclusive club dolls, getting discount coupons for lots of doll dealers and a free, year-long digital subscription to DOLLS and Haute Doll magazine. Of course becoming a member of a big and exciting doll family is the best perk of all. If you want…
  • Doll Observers Fashion Doll Awards nominations announced - and we're nominated!

    9 Jan 2015 | 1:39 pm
    Now that the first stage of members-only nominations have been counted and verified, it is time to finally announce the lucky nominees for this year. What makes the Fashion Doll Awards different is that both nominations and votes are made by doll lovers themselves. Public voting is now under-way and you are invited to vote now. Winners will be announced via the site on 22nd February 2015. The great news for The Fashion Doll Chronicles is that we are nominated for an award as best fashion doll blog! Thank you to all members that nominated us, it is an…
  • An Oriental Obsession for a good cause - Barbie goes geisha!

    8 Jan 2015 | 11:54 am
    As part of the 10th edition of Firenze4Ever, LuisaViaRoma joins forces with Mattel to produce a limited edition Barbie designed by Japanese artist Hiroyuki Kikuchi. All proceeds will go towards the fight against breast cancer. The eBay Auction starts 12 Jan 2015. Firenze4Ever is a twice-yearly event hosted by LuisaViaRoma just before the Pitti shows in Florence.Introducing Oriental Obsession Barbie, the latest addition to the Mattel family. The one-of-a-kind doll is realized by Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi, members of Mattel’s special event team and the creative duo behind Magia 2000.
  • Fashion dolls and my favourite music

    2 Jan 2015 | 4:27 am
    Every year since 2007 I am part of a countdown that takes place in December: Greek music lover bloggers post their favourite 20 albums for the year in their blogs, beginning at December 1st and going up to December 20th with their number one. In the end, there's a tally and the best albums of the year are announced. Each participant usually makes a special presentation for the albums, using photos, videos or whatever they think best represents their relationship to the music they love. This year I decided to unite my love for fashion dolls with my love for music and use my doll collection in…
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    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls and Crafts Blog

  • How Can You Not Love Beautiful Flowers?

    Linda Walsh
    25 Jan 2015 | 3:00 am
    A beautiful surprise from hubby. How can you not love mother nature at her finest?
  • No Sooner Was The Rocking Doggie In The Door .........

    Linda Walsh
    17 Jan 2015 | 2:00 am
    I couldn't wait to bring Penelope home. She was a beautiful wooden rocking dog that my brother had made for me. He had made one for our new grand nephew and I had loved it so much I, of course, wanted one. When I told my brother this hubby gave me a look of "you've got to be kidding. Where are we going to put that?" I, of course, gave him a look of " I have someplace in mind. You'll see." So, baby brother made me one and we were bringing Penelope home today.We had just gotten home and hubby had just brought Penelope into the house and placed her in the dining room when I heard the cabinet…
  • Patience Is A Virtue - She's Just The Sweetest Bunny You'd Ever Want To Meet - Pattern and Handmade Shelf Sitter Bunny Doll

    Linda Walsh
    15 Jan 2015 | 5:00 am
    I'd like you to meet "Patience - Is a Virtue." Patience is a primitive bunny and is so happy-go-lucky that she has a hard time controlling herself. She just hops from here to there without a care in the world. Hop, hop, hop! Down the lane she goes. Hop, hop, hop! La dee da! La dee da!She is a free-standing primitive bunny with a warm & natural body with an embroidered face, white buttons for eyes, lace trimmed dress, and lace trimmed apron adorned with 4 large pink buttons. She is coffee stained throughout.If you ask her, "Patience, where are you going?" she replies, "Just anywhere!" Hop,…
  • Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Make Our Baby Shower Gift Tags #3 and #8 Free E-Book and Free Gift Tag E-Printables

    Linda Walsh
    14 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am
    Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Make Our Baby Shower Gift Tags #3 and #8 TutorialCopyright © 2011 - 2014 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda WalshIf you love our "It's Raining Baby Showers" Baby Store Gallery stickers and have downloaded our two free gift tags then you'll be happy to know that we have a free Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Make Our Baby Shower Gift Tags #3 and #8 Tutorial showing you step by step how to create our tags. Our tutorial utilizes our "It's Raining Baby Showers" Baby Store Gallery stickers at…
  • Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Make Our Personalized Baby Shower Favor Tags Free E-Book and Free Favor Tags

    Linda Walsh
    14 Jan 2015 | 3:30 am
    Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Make Our Personalized Baby Shower Favor TagsCopyright © 2011 - 2014 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda WalshIf you love our personalized  "It's Raining Baby Showers" Baby Shower Favor Stickers and have downloaded our free Baby Shower EPrintable Favor Tag1  and  Baby Shower EPrintable Favor Tag2  then you'll be happy to know that we've designed a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to create our "It's Raining Baby Showers" Baby Shower Favor tags.  With these you can personalize your favor tags with…
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    Toywiz and Toy Garden

  • Hot Wheels 2015 Fast & Furious 1/64th Scale Diecast Cars

    21 Jan 2015 | 12:13 am
    New 2015 Hot Wheels Fast and Furious is coming to Toywiz and Toy Garden! Mattel released 2 sets of the F&F Hotwheels in 2013 and 2014, this time there is another new collection, featuring 8 cars as below. 1. ’94 Toyota Supra (from 2Fast 2Furious 2003) 2. Nissan 350Z (from The Fast & Furious 3 Tokyo Drift 2006) 3. Ford GT-40 (from The Fast & Furious 6 2013) 4. Dodge Charger Daytona (from The Fast & Furious 6 2013) 5. ’70 Dodge Charger R/T (from The Fast & Furious 6 2013) 6. Subaru WRX STI (from The Fast & Furious 4 2009) 7. Buick Grand National (from…
  • Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Car Assortment

    9 Jan 2015 | 5:10 pm
    Hot Wheels just released the new Star Wars Character Cars Assortment in 1/64 scale, including all classic characters like Darth Vader, Yoda, Stormtrooper, C3PO and R2D2, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and many more. Definitely the best way to start your Star Wars collection for this year! Features: – Collect and play with a galaxy of Hot Wheels Star Wars cars. – Iconic Star Wars characters reimagined as Hot Wheels cars. – Authentic and highly collectible. – Designed in 1:64-scale with true-to-character features and decos. – Makes a great gift for fans of all…
  • Hasbro’s New Star Wars The Force Awakens Product Line-up

    5 Jan 2015 | 5:48 am
    Hasbro just teased us with a run down of their upcoming product assortments for Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens. Hardcore Starwars fans take note!! Star Wars 7 3.75 In Figure Assortment Star Wars 7 3.75 In Armor Figure Assortment Star Wars 7 Figure Two Pack Assortment Star Wars 7 Figures Snow Desert Star Wars 7 Hero Series Deluxe Figure Assortment Star Wars 7 Hero Series Figure Assortment Star Wars 7 Class I Vehicle Assortment Star Wars 7 Class I Deluxe Vehicle Assortment Star Wars 7 Class II Vehicle Assortment Star Wars 7 Class II Deluxe Vehicle Assortment Star Wars 7 Starfighter…
  • 3D LightFX Transformers Deco Lights: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock

    21 Dec 2014 | 6:15 am
    3D Lightfx expands the license to the Transformers realm this time! We have the Autobots, Decepticons, Movie Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the all mighty Grimlock as well! The 3D Deco Light / Nightlight is a comforting, cordless, decorative night light that is loved by our tiny customers and big ones alike. With cordless option you can place it in the ideal room position no longer has to be a choking hazard or require a nearby electrical outlet. It is also environmentally-conscious. Its LED lights use less than 0.45W per hour, which means it was built to last and make your dollars go further.
  • Lego 71008 Minifigures Series 13

    19 Dec 2014 | 6:07 pm
    Lego Minifigures Series 13 (Lego 71008) will be coming in the middle of Jan 2015. Toywiz and Toy Garden will be bringing in more stocks this time and you can reserve the full sets at RM240 now. Series 13 includes the following: – Unicorn Girl – Hot Dog Man – Paleontologist – Snake Charmer – Galaxy Trooper – Sheriff – Samurai – Lady Cyclops – King – Goblin – Fencer – Evil Wizard – Egyptian Warrior – Disco Diva – Carpenter – Alien Trooper The post Lego 71008 Minifigures Series 13 appeared first on…
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  • This Very Vintage White Jocko Is More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys!

    31 Jan 2015 | 5:03 pm
    It's easy to go bananas over special Steiff finds... especially when when it comes to the company's beloved primates! A few weeks ago, Steiffgal saw a great vintage Steiff white Jocko up for auction on an online platform. She put in a bid, and in all honesty, forgot about the auction. Much to her surprise, she got an email saying she had won the lot! A few weeks later, the charming chimp arrived at her home. And he was even BETTER than expected! Check him out here... isn't he adorable?This chimp-champ is Steiff's delightful and early pre-war white Jocko chimp. Jocko measures 15 cm sitting and…
  • Having A Ball With This Terrific Steiff Roly Poly Bear

    24 Jan 2015 | 12:35 pm
    Most Steiff collectors would take a tumble for an unexpected Steiff discovery!  And that's exactly what Steiffgal did when an inquiry from a colleague about this great and very vintage Steiff treasure landed in her email in-box.  Steady yourself and take a look at this marvelous merrymaker!Oh baby, here we have a delightful "child-proof" item intended for the youngest Steiff enthusiasts.  This is Steiff's "Roly Poly" Bear.  Many of us grew up with "Weebles," those funny egg shaped character toys that "wobble but they don't fall down."  This Roly Poly cub is an early…
  • Climb Every Mountain For This Great Vintage Steiff St. Bernard Dog!

    10 Jan 2015 | 10:59 am
    The excitement of finding wonderful vintage Steiff treasures is certainly universal... and all collectors love to be able to say... "Look what I found!" Check out this note from a reader from Germany who asks for advice on a possible purchase of a very vintage Steiff dog. Leonie writes: "Dear Steiffgal, Could you give me an advice for a purchase? I saw a Steiff prewar St. Bernard dog on eBay. He lost most of his fur, and his button, too. He is 28 cm high and his price is 95 euro. Should I buy him or is he too expensive? I have also sent a picture. I would appreciate an answer very…
  • Time Travelling Steiff Auction Highlights - Part 2!

    4 Jan 2015 | 1:48 pm
    Last week, we took a peek back in time and checked out a few auction highlights from a long ago sale. The event was held on Saturday, April 25, 1998 in Germany and managed by auctioneer Horst Poestgens. Steiffgal recently purchased the catalog from this sale and was just floored at some of the amazing treasures it featured. Here are three more absolute standouts from this wonderful Steiff event. You can't help but think, "oh, baby" with this first auction highlight under review today. This lot, #49, is cataloged in part as... "Prototype of a Steiff snap-joint teddy baby with neck mechanism,…
  • Time Travelling Steiff Auction Highlights - Part 1!

    27 Dec 2014 | 4:35 pm
    Nothing is better than studying precious Steiff items in person, but that is not always possible for many reasons. A great - and budget friendly - way to learn about exceptional button-in-ear rarities is through auction catalogs. In addition to collecting vintage Steiff, you probably won't be surprising to learn that Steiffgal also collects auction catalogs, both for entertainment and research purposes. Most recently, she spent just a few dollars on a relatively vintage catalog from 1998. A picture of the catalog's cover is featured here on the left. The auction was held on Saturday, April…
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    TV and Film Toys

  • The AFB Podcast Episode 153: Magic the Gathering Liliana Vess / Koto ArtFX Boba Fett / DC Collectibles Deathstroke Bust

    1 Feb 2015 | 2:25 am
    Episode 153 of the AFB Podcast is live at iTunes and is now available for direct download! Download and subscribe to the podcast at iTunes now!  This week, join Justin, Scott and Ben, for all of the latest news and reviews!This week we check out three new Toys of the Week:Funko Magic the Gathering Liliana Vess Kotobukiya ArtFX Star Wars Boba Fett DC Collectibles Deathstroke Bust If you don't use iTunes, you can download Episode 153 here now! Click on the link to listen, or right click to save the file! The podcast will always be available from the…
  • Boba Fett (Black Series)

    30 Jan 2015 | 10:46 pm
    The 6-inch version of Boba Fett released in the second wave of figures from Hasbro's Star Wars Black Series was surprisingly hard to find for me.
  • Xenomorph Warrior

    29 Jan 2015 | 10:29 pm
    When I began buying NECA action figures from the Predator and Alien series of movies, one figure I kept my eye out for was precisely any of the different Alien creatures.
  • Name That…Puffy Hat

    28 Jan 2015 | 10:31 pm
    This is one that might be harder than I thought. The shadow looks a bit different than I expected.
  • Name That…Purple Thing

    26 Jan 2015 | 10:27 pm
    Some things just look rude taken out of context.  
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    Fafuplay - Blog

  • Pretend Play - Learning Life Skills

    28 Jan 2015 | 11:06 am
    We LOVE pretend play and spend a lot of time developing play solutions (such as costumes, dens, play furniture....and more!) that support all kinds of play. But we are especially passionate about child led pretend play. So why is that? The main reason is that play is the single most effective way for a young child to learn and develop important life skills. It offers countless opportunities for children to act out real life situations in the safe world of pretend! We call that world Fafunia. Where mistakes lead to giggles and disagreements are left in the toy box. But play really is…
  • Child led learning

    14 Jan 2015 | 5:51 am
    What does that mean?There are a lot of parenting philosophies, educational theories and pedagogy concepts around. They share similarities and they also differ a lot in their early learning approach. To simplify and explain why Fafu is all about open ended play and child lead learning opportunities it is best to divide those ideas into two main groups of ideas: Most of our current education system is based on controlling ideas because all curriculum's are based on them. It would be amazing if I could write with confidence that the controlling ideas…
  • The Brain Needs to Play

    14 Jan 2015 | 5:42 am
    Early education is probably the most important level of education. It is the time in children‘s lives where they start building peer relationships and the foundation for the people they will become. It is also a vital time for brain development.The development of our brain structure is based on two main factors; experience shapes the properties of our neurons (experience dependent plasticity) and there are distinct time windows during early development that shape brain function. This means that while children play they are also organising their way of thought and how they acquire…
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    Toy Reviews | Toy Queen | Educational Toys | Toddler Toys | Best Apps for Kids | Toy Giveaways | Preschool Games | Baby Product Reviews

  • Little Mermaid Songs Available Through Legacy Collection Soundtrack- Giveaway

    18 Jan 2015 | 8:26 am
    I received the Little Mermaid Legacy Collection CD as a member of the Entertainment New Media Network. No further compensation was received and all opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links. The Little Mermaid was originally released on my 12th birthday. While as an ordinary pre-teen I may not have paid that much attention to animated movies, my little sister was born that year, right at the dawn of the new Disney princess era. We owned the movies on VHS, but my most predominant memories included listening to the soundtracks on cassette tapes in my mother’s wood…
  • New Exclusive Look at NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow #RebellePower

    13 Jan 2015 | 6:31 pm
    NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow Do you like sneak peeks and exclusive info? I can’t believe we are even thinking about next Christmas (December 2015!), but if you have a NERF Rebelle fan in your house, here’s a picture of the newest NERF Rebelle toy, the Arrow Revolution Bow! It’s not available until Fall of 2015, but I’m hoping to get my hands on one during my annual trip to Toy Fair! For kids who love blaster toys, the NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow allows them to rapid-fire 6 whistling arrows, up to 90 feet! Here is more information on the NERF Rebelle Arrow…
  • Keri Wilmot of on NECN Sharing Toy Buying Tips

    4 Jan 2015 | 7:50 am
    Ally Donnelly of NECN (left) and Keri Wilmot at Walmart The holidays were a busy time of year, but in case you didn’t see the excitement prior, here’s a link to a live news segment I participated in with Ally Donnelly of NECN at a local Walmart as part of a hot toys segment. While I’m sure the craziness of running around buying toys prior to the holiday is a far distant memory, but there are some great tips in these videos that may already plan your prep strategy for any toy buying situation. Tips on How to Find Hot Toy Alternatives:   Toy Alternatives for Tweens:…
  • Holiday Toy Lists for 2014!

    16 Dec 2014 | 6:15 pm
    I’ve been a busy little elf this holiday season helping create some lists of my favorite holiday toys, many of which appeared on Toys. In case you are ready to do some last minute shopping, here are links to some of my favorites articles! Links to these posts will take you to content I wrote for Toys as their Toys Expert. 20 of the Best Toys for the Holidays 18 Toys for Girls Cool Toys for Boys 6 of the Silliest White Elephant Gift Ideas  Ways for Families in Need to Get Toys for Free Toys for the Holiday Where Can I Donate Used Toys? How Can I Donate to Toys for…
  • How To Help Kids Tie Their Shoes! Giveaway

    7 Dec 2014 | 6:46 pm
    Photo Credit:  © Brittany Randolph Flickr Creative Commons In my opinion, THE hardest fine motor skill for kids to learn is the art of tying their shoelaces. When, an online retailer of shoes and accessories for men, women and children offered to sponsor a giveaway, it seemed like the perfect time to share some of my favorite tips on how to help kids tie their shoes! For kids who struggle with learning the steps of this major life skill, slip-on shoes are so fashionable these days, it can be even more challenging for kids to learn how to master the steps because exposure…
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    Small for Big

  • round about: plastic fungi & cardboard horses

    30 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am
    For the first time in a very long time, I’m stuck this morning wondering where the heck the week went? Anyone know what happened? Last I checked it was maybe Tuesday morning. I guess I’ll blame it on the weird virus that’s plagued me all week. That, and a much more relaxed schedule and fewer deadlines! As the cliche goes: you get more done when you’re busy. When I have less to do, I definitely waste more time. Do you do the same thing? Meanwhile, round about the internet this week: These pastel fresh tech organizers even have witty one-liners. via Notcot. A bag that…
  • worth 1000 words: land of giants

    29 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am
    Now I have one more reason why Iceland is amazing. Read more at Express-O. The post worth 1000 words: land of giants appeared first on Small for Big.
  • your new play table: bawa kids

    28 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am
    Genius things for kids can sometimes seem hard to come by. Then you’ll see something like this play table from Bawa Kids, and anything seems possible! Bawa Kids play table deceptively clean and simple, until you pull back the top to reveal the numerous tracks and blocks and colors. Then everyone will want to take a turn playing with it. Of course you can play blocks, build cities, and stage races, but I bet you could make some great games too! And I’m certain our creative kids will dream up ideas we never knew were possible. Thanks Paul & Paula for pointing us towards…
  • 10 DIY Valentines for Kids

    27 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am
    Do you have hearts in your eyes yet? Valentine’s Day is so much more exciting when you have kiddos to celebrate it with. Suddenly, all those sappy, silly cliches are totally fun. I actually embrace the hearts and the pink and red explosion. It’s all part of the kid-friendly version of the holiday. I don’t need the chocolates and flowers and fancy date night, not really (though, hey, they’re nice too). But give me a big fat heart doodle from my Birdie and I’m a happy camper. In honor of those kiddos everywhere, here’s a list of 10 awesome DIY…
  • traipsing through the enchanted forest

    26 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am
    Dappled sunlight, fluttering butterflies, wind in the branches, birds tweeting, and a little itty bitty fox sitting primly on a log, crown in hand, just waiting for you. Isn’t that what comes to mind when you see these foxes from The Enchanted Forest? I could have romanticized things a wee bit, but it’s been one of those winters around here. I’m already having really vivid dreams of summer sunshine and fresh cut grass every night! So a couple of adorable foxes to keep the winter chill away seems like a small price to pay, don’t you think? The post traipsing through the…
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  • FAA First Case Goes To Court Over Drones.

    Bob Winfrey
    25 Jan 2015 | 10:55 am
    Now that the first case has made it to court, the results for model Aircraft pilots is not good. Read the story below to get an idea of where this is headed. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration reached a settlement with the videographer to whom it issued its first fine for reckless drone use, ending a court case that challenged the government’s authority to regulate unmanned aircraft. Raphael Pirker agreed on Thursday to pay the FAA $1,100 to settle the agency’s $10,000 fine for allegedly flying a drone recklessly to film the University of Virginia in 2011. Under the settlement…
  • Staggering Cost To Fly A Military Aircraft: Chart

    Bob Winfrey
    31 Dec 2014 | 4:40 pm
    This Chart Shows The Staggering Hourly Cost Of Operating US Military Aircraft The following graphic, courtesy of The Atlantic, highlights the disparity in flight hour costs for various aircraft currently in the US fleet. High Airfare? Click Image to Enlarge The US military is set replace many of its aircraft with planes that cost substantially more to operate by the hour. James Fallows, a national correspondent for The Atlantic, noted in a recent cover story for the magazine that costly military projects of questionable worth are becoming increasingly spread throughout congressional districts…
  • Safety Campaigns On The Way For Drones

    Bob Winfrey
    23 Dec 2014 | 5:40 pm
    As more Drones get into the hands of non pilot's pilots and the public are slightly worried about the possible accidents that could occur. I own a small drone with a camera and I can say it is really fun. But I can also say that it can get away from you and there is not much you can do about it. It could be because I am a rookie pilot but I can imagine what a more powerful model could do. Alarmed by increasing encounters between small drones and manned aircraft, drone industry officials said Monday they are teaming up with the government and model aircraft hobbyists to launch a safety…
  • Prop Plane or A-10 Warthog?

    Bob Winfrey
    17 Dec 2014 | 6:14 pm
    Could a prop plane out do an A-10 Warthog? Our government thought that it could save alot of money by giving it a try. They actually had the theory tested. The U.S. Air Force has a complicated relationship with its low- and slow-flying A-10 Warthog attack jet. And that’s putting it mildly. The flying branch has tried more than once to retire the ungainly A-10 in favor of speedier planes, only for lawmakers to block the move. But on at least one occasion, the Air Force actually defended the heavily-armored, gun-armed Warthog from an unlikely challenger—a modern version of the World War II…
  • Commercial License May Be Required

    Bob Winfrey
    14 Dec 2014 | 4:37 pm
    I bought a small Drone for $100.00 a month or so ago. I love it, the video is pretty amazing, great still shots, fun to fly. I have lost touch with using a remote control but it does come back with practice. Drones are getting very popular and let's face it, everybody wants one. Amazon, to deliver packages, Hollywood to shoot movie scenes, agriculture interests to monitor crops. And everyone is waiting for the FAA to issue regulations as to how commercial drones might be allowed to operate in the U.S. Those regulations are supposed to come out by the end of the month. The FAA has been…
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    Our Ordinary Life

  • Kids are Expensive: Or, What I Learned (Quickly) When I Signed My Daughter Up for Softball

    30 Jan 2015 | 8:19 pm
    Being a so-called “soccer mom” already, I figured with soccer season coming to a close, it might be time to look into an additional activity for my athletic tomboy. She tried all of the typical “girly” things, such as ballet, gymnastics, and tap, and decided rather early in life that none of this was for… [read more] The post Kids are Expensive: Or, What I Learned (Quickly) When I Signed My Daughter Up for Softball appeared first on Our Ordinary Life.
  • Save Money On Baby & Kids Foods With A Reusable Food Pouch

    29 Jan 2015 | 8:09 pm
    Being a 21st century parent has its perks. It’s nice to have all of the modern conveniences, like products that work as intended, and an over abundance of choices from foods, to clothing, to toys, everything else one could think of for now. From having our first kid who is almost 10, many new food products… [read more] The post Save Money On Baby & Kids Foods With A Reusable Food Pouch appeared first on Our Ordinary Life.
  • Nine Memorable Movies Available for Easy Streaming Immediately

    29 Jan 2015 | 6:12 pm
    Cutting cable and dismantling satellite has never been easier in the age of online streaming services. But to make sure your decision is most cost effective it’s important for families not to get too carried away with piecemeal entertainment purchases online. This is especially the case for movies. Two bucks here and there for a… [read more] The post Nine Memorable Movies Available for Easy Streaming Immediately appeared first on Our Ordinary Life.
  • Pantone’s Top Popular Colors For Spring 2015

    Guest Post
    29 Jan 2015 | 5:58 pm
    We are providing this list for colors for Spring this 2015 courtesy of Follow to See Pantone’s Top Colors for Spring 2015. Would like to get a head start on purchasing 2015 new arrival? Then make sure you invest in this year’s popular colors. Pantone has released several top color picks for the… [read more] The post Pantone’s Top Popular Colors For Spring 2015 appeared first on Our Ordinary Life.
  • Great Way To Start the New Year! Achieve A Lower Credit Card Interest Rate.

    Kristin And Del
    29 Jan 2015 | 1:12 pm
    This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Payoff, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #payoffmindset #whatsyourpayoff It is a whole new year. For us adults, it becomes kind of the same routine. Make some New Year’s resolutions, promise to make big changes, makes… [read more] The post Great Way To Start the New Year! Achieve A Lower Credit Card Interest Rate. appeared first on Our Ordinary Life.
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    Toy Scene

  • Hasbro: Transformers Generations Deluxe Chromia

    1 Feb 2015 | 6:58 am
    Chromia is a master spy and is best when it comes to infiltration, sabotage and tactical counterstrikes that crush the opponent’s morale. This Deluxe Chromia figure is a hardcore warrior that can change from a Cybertronian warrior to an Autobot Motorbike in no time, and comes armed with twin pistols for Decepticon-fighting fun! Comes with a comic book and measures approximately 5-inches tall. Ages 5 and up. This Hasbro: Transformers Generations Deluxe Chromia is available on Amazon with a price of US $16.99. This Hasbro: Transformers Generations Deluxe Chromia is also available on…
  • Round 2 MPC: Highjacker 1974 Off-Road Ford Van 1:20 Scale Model Kit

    22 Jan 2015 | 8:34 am
    Round 2 MPC gives us yet another great model kit and this time it’s the 1974 Highjacker Off-Road Ford Van in 1:20 scale. It’s wonderfully detailed which feature “high-rise” suspension, front push-bar and roof-mounted lights. On the inside, it”s complete with interior panels, furniture and accessories! Note: Paint and glue required and not included with the kit. Ages 12 and up. This Round 2 MPC: Highjacker 1974 Off-Road Ford Van 1:20 Scale Model Kit is available on EntertainmentEarth with a price of US $33.99.
  • DC Collectibles: Arrow TV Series Oliver Queen with Totem Action Figure

    17 Jan 2015 | 9:18 pm
    This new DC Collectibles release is based on the smash-hit CW television series, Arrow’s main character billionaire Oliver Queen and includes a totem. It has multiple points of articulation and comes with weapons and Deathstroke’s mask on a stick. Measures about 6 1/2-Inches tall, Ages 14 and up. The DC Collectibles: Arrow TV Series Oliver Queen with Totem Action Figure is available on Amazon with a price of US $24.99. The DC Collectibles: Arrow TV Series Oliver Queen with Totem Action Figure is also available on EntertainmentEarth with a price of US $22.99.
  • Hot Wheels: 2001 Rat Rods ’33 Ford Roadster

    16 Jan 2015 | 5:13 am
    Black body paint with Red & White tampo with ‘Lil Black & Red’ & HW logo on sides, Red interior, Brown Malaysia Base, with Basic White Wall Wheels. Click here to see our other diecast photography.
  • Square Enix: Batman Arkham Origins Joker Play Arts Kai Action Figure

    12 Jan 2015 | 11:50 am
    From Square Enix comes the demented Joker. Based on the 2013 smash-hit game Batman: Arkham Origins, the Batman Arkham Origins Joker Play Arts Kai Action Figure perfectly depicts the villain in all of his eerie madness. It stands approximately 10 inches tall and comes with two swappable head sculpts, three sets of hands, pistol, and a knife. You’d be crazy if you don’t grab this Joker Action Figure and add it to your Batman collection! Ages 13 and up. The Square Enix: Batman Arkham Origins Joker Play Arts Kai Action Figure is available on Amazon with a price of US $98.39. The…
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  • Color 9

    Connor S.
    28 Jan 2015 | 9:28 pm
    What yoyo is that?Your browser does not support the video tag. Try updating to a new browser such as Chrome or FireFox. Add a comment to this video on YouTube. Learn the whip and slack yoyo trick Color 9. Recommended YoyosVideo TranscriptTricks You Need To KnowYoyo In This Video: Civility Yoyo $90.00 Select options For this yoyo trick we also recommend: Gradient Yoyo Pro Pack $99.99 Select options Shutter Yoyo Competition Pack $69.99 Read more Color 9 Yoyo TrickThis is the trick Color 9 and it looks like this. So since this trick is almost completely a slack trick you are going to…
  • Rapid Yoyo Promo Video – Featuring Jake Elliott

    Adam B.
    18 Nov 2014 | 2:21 pm
    Your browser does not support the video tag. Try updating to a new browser such as Chrome or FireFox. Add a comment to this video on YouTube. Watch the Promotional Video for the Rapid Yoyo, designed and used by Jake Elliott. The post Rapid Yoyo Promo Video – Featuring Jake Elliott appeared first on
  • Rewind

    Connor S.
    18 Nov 2014 | 11:55 am
    What yoyo is that?Your browser does not support the video tag. Try updating to a new browser such as Chrome or FireFox. Add a comment to this video on YouTube. Learn how to do the Rewind Yoyo Trick. Recommended YoyosVideo TranscriptTricks You Need To KnowYoyo In This Video: The Sage Yoyo Starter Pack $19.99 Select options For this yoyo trick we also recommend: DV888 Yoyo $29.99 Select options Velocity Yoyo Starter Pack $24.99 Select options Rewind Yoyo TrickThis is the trick Rewind, and it looks like this. Just like that. Amongst those mounts you are going to be doing Man on the…
  • Cross-Arm Trapeze Combo Variations

    Connor S.
    18 Nov 2014 | 10:13 am
    What yoyo is that?Your browser does not support the video tag. Try updating to a new browser such as Chrome or FireFox. Add a comment to this video on YouTube. Learn several variations of the Cross-Arm Trapeze Yoyo Tricks put into a combo. Recommended YoyosVideo TranscriptTricks You Need To KnowYoyo In This Video: The Sage Yoyo Pro Pack $24.99 Select options For this yoyo trick we also recommend: Civility Yoyo $90.00 Select options DV888 Yoyo Unresponsive Pro Pack $44.99 Select options Cross-Arm Trapeze Combo Variations Yoyo TrickIn this video I will be teaching you several more…
  • Cross-Arm Trapeze

    Adam B.
    28 Oct 2014 | 10:43 am
    What yoyo is that?Your browser does not support the video tag. Try updating to a new browser such as Chrome or FireFox. Add a comment to this video on YouTube. Learn how to do the Cross-Arm Trapeze yoyo trick. Recommended YoyosVideo TranscriptTricks You Need To KnowYoyo In This Video: The Sage Yoyo Pro Pack $24.99 Select options For this yoyo trick we also recommend: Civility Yoyo $90.00 Select options DV888 Yoyo Unresponsive Pro Pack $44.99 Select options Cross-Arm Trapeze Yoyo TrickThis trick is the Cross-arm Trapeze, and it looks like this. Just like that. Dismount, get it…
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    Kids Love This Stuff!

  • 6 Jazzy Printables that Make the Coolest Valentine’s Cards for Kids

    28 Jan 2015 | 8:18 am
    Before you rush to the store to stock up on cards for the little ones this Valentine’s, remember one thing. Printable Valentine’s cards for kids, are your friend. Last year a friend’s little girl wanted to give out cards to everyone in her class. Now her mom could have bought them. Instead she decided to […] The post 6 Jazzy Printables that Make the Coolest Valentine’s Cards for Kids appeared first on Kids Love This Stuff!.
  • O.M.G These Playful Coats for Toddlers and Preschoolers Are Super Cute

    24 Jan 2015 | 8:21 am
    Sometimes, getting a toddler to wear a coat can be challenging. Take my nephew for example. Tantrums. That’s exactly what I got the last time I tried to fasten his new winter coat. As for getting him to wear the hood. Forget that. Hoods ain’t his thing. Despite the rain, despite the cold wind, that […] The post O.M.G These Playful Coats for Toddlers and Preschoolers Are Super Cute appeared first on Kids Love This Stuff!.
  • Beautiful Miniature Dollhouse Accessories with a Shabby Chic Twist

    21 Jan 2015 | 2:08 pm
    Could it be I’ve just discovered a collection of the most realistic miniature dollhouse accessories, ever? I’m talking pure, homemade shabby chic goodness with incredibly intricate detailing. Each piece is loving created by Pei Li of Miniature Patisserie who offers a charming assemblage of accessories, ranging from miniature dollhouse furniture to miniature dollhouse food. I […] The post Beautiful Miniature Dollhouse Accessories with a Shabby Chic Twist appeared first on Kids Love This Stuff!.
  • End of Season AW14 Kidswear Sales + Discounts on Toys & Interiors

    15 Jan 2015 | 4:57 am
    We’re well into January and I’m missing all the holiday hullabaloo, but I’m not blue. Want to know why? Because great post holiday sales cometh our way. Yeah, that was kind of a lame attempt at a rhyme, but let’s move on… I want you to focus on the prize. And that prize comes in […] The post End of Season AW14 Kidswear Sales + Discounts on Toys & Interiors appeared first on Kids Love This Stuff!.
  • Editor’s Picks: 7 Gorgeous Little Sweater Dresses for Girls

    12 Jan 2015 | 1:04 am
    I’m totally going gaga on sweater dresses for girls right now. They’re cute, cozy, great to wear during the fall season, as well as winter AND you can layer the heck out of them. Even my middle niece loves them. She’s seven going on 27 and is super picky about what she’ll wear. Ah, gotta […] The post Editor’s Picks: 7 Gorgeous Little Sweater Dresses for Girls appeared first on Kids Love This Stuff!.
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    Action Figure Fury

  • Toy News Roundup: ‘Age of Ultron’, ‘Batman’, ‘Pacific Rim’ and Batman’s 75th Anniversary Surprise

    Nick Lenihan
    1 Feb 2015 | 9:21 am
    Today is Sunday and it’s time for the 78th edition of the Toy News Roundup. Here we round-up all of the most important toy news of the week from our site, and also link you to any toy news that we didn’t cover. So, let’s see what the big toy news was this week, shall we? […] Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More! Toy News Roundup: ‘Age of Ultron’, ‘Batman’, ‘Pacific Rim’ and Batman’s 75th Anniversary Surprise
  • NECA Gives Batman: Arkham Knight the Quarter Scale Figure it Deserves

    Nick Lenihan
    30 Jan 2015 | 1:47 pm
    Since the first release back in 2009, the Batman: Arkham video game series has become one of the most successful Batman video game series’ ever. Based on the next installment in the series, NECA presents their quarter scale Batman Arkham Knight figure. With such a successful video game franchise, it’s about time we get a […] Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More! NECA Gives Batman: Arkham Knight the Quarter Scale Figure it Deserves
  • NECA’s Quarter Scale Danny DeVito Penguin Figure from ‘Batman Returns’ is finally happening

    Nick Lenihan
    30 Jan 2015 | 1:28 pm
    NECA puts out some extremely high-quality 1/4th scale figures, given the extremely low price point. They had several new figures on display last year at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, including their first ever figure from Batman Returns – a quarter scale Danny DeVito Penguin figure. Last year when NECA had the figure on display he […] Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More! NECA’s Quarter Scale Danny DeVito Penguin Figure from ‘Batman Returns’ is finally happening
  • NECA Announces Eddie 8-inch Retro Figure based on Iron Maiden’s Legendary ‘Piece of Mind’ Album

    Nick Lenihan
    30 Jan 2015 | 1:01 pm
    Retro style meets classic metal in one amazing action figure! Toy Fair 2015 may not kick off for a couple of weeks yet, but NECA isn’t going to wait to reveal their all-new products. This new retro cloth version of Eddie was ripped straight off of the cover for Iron Maiden’s 1983 album Piece of […] Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More! NECA Announces Eddie 8-inch Retro Figure based on Iron Maiden’s Legendary ‘Piece of Mind’ Album
  • 3A Reveals Transformers Movie Megatron Premium Scale Figure – Exclusive Ver. Available Now

    Samuel Demchy-Cooper
    30 Jan 2015 | 12:32 pm
    Following the announcement of their Transformers Movie Bumblebee figure, 3A have announced their 2nd figure in the line – a Megatron Premium Scale Figure. Before going on I should say that this particular version of Megatron is based on how he appeared in Transformers: Rise of The Fallen. ThreeA excel in the detail that they put on […] Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More! 3A Reveals Transformers Movie Megatron Premium Scale Figure – Exclusive Ver. Available Now
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    Toy Tales

  • Toy Chest: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Edition

    Todd Coopee
    30 Jan 2015 | 6:30 am
    You can visit the "real" Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and 7 other things I wanted to share this week. For more stories behind some of your favorite toys visit Toy Tales.
  • Mystery Date by Milton Bradley

    Todd Coopee
    29 Jan 2015 | 4:30 am
    When you open the door will your mystery date be a dream or a dud? Dig that catchy jingle! For more stories behind some of your favorite toys visit Toy Tales.
  • ROM The Space Knight

    Todd Coopee
    28 Jan 2015 | 6:30 am
    ROM The Space Knight made its debut in 1979 and was one of Parker Brothers' first forays into a toy product that was not a board game. For more stories behind some of your favorite toys visit Toy Tales.
  • Monopoly FacTOYd

    Todd Coopee
    27 Jan 2015 | 6:36 am
    The total amount of money in a classic Monopoly game is $20,580. For more stories behind some of your favorite toys visit Toy Tales.
  • John Cleese

    Todd Coopee
    27 Jan 2015 | 5:45 am
    If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play. For more stories behind some of your favorite toys visit Toy Tales.
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  • Time to Vote in the #DOFDAs

    Simon Farnworth
    9 Jan 2015 | 3:55 pm
    Now that the first stage of members-only nominations have been counted and verified, it is time to finally announce the lucky nominees for this year. What makes our Fashion Doll Awards different is that both nominations and votes are made by doll lovers themselves. Public voting is now underway and you are invited to vote now. Winners will be announced via the site on 22nd February 2015. For more info and a full list of nominations check out the #DOFDAs group.
  • Happy New Year 2015

    Simon Farnworth
    31 Dec 2014 | 11:50 am
    As 2014 comes to a close, and we all look forward to 2015, I wanted to take a moment to look back at the amazing year it's been for us at Here are just a few of our highlights: Our monthly theme continued to showcase our members' creativity and talents throughout 2014. Our membership swelled to almost 900 members in 2014 In March we held the third Fashion Doll Awards (#DOFDAs) which were hugely successful and garnered thousands of votes. You can remind yourself of the winners here. In April we moved to our shiny new…
  • Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

    Simon Farnworth
    20 Dec 2014 | 2:16 pm
    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful festive season for you and your loved ones. I sincerely hope it brings you all the joy and happiness that you both deserve and wish for. With much love, Simon x P.S. Be sure to follow our Advent Calendar 2014 as we approach the big day... P.P.S. Why not use the holidays as an opportunity to make your #DOFDAs nominations before it's too late!
  • December Theme, Community News & More!

    Simon Farnworth
    7 Dec 2014 | 1:21 pm
    Vote In The '#NovemberTOTM: Winter Wardrobe' Photo Contest! Be sure to show your love to your favourite entry. Congrats to Our '#OctoberTOTM: Witching Hour' Winners #OctoberTOTM Winners! Check Out The Site Now! This is your update! Thanks to members like you our community is a friendly, nurturing and fun place to be. Don't forget to invite your doll lovin' friends to join us - it's all about sharing! A NEW THEME! Party Frock! Now that the party season has well and truly begun - with the glad rags finally coming out of our wardrobes - it's time for your…
  • #DOFDA 'Members- Only' Nominations are Now Live

    Simon Farnworth
    16 Nov 2014 | 11:54 am
    I am delighted to announce that 'Members-Only' nominations in the 2015 Fashion Doll Awards are now underway. This year we have 12 categories covering a wide range of fashion doll types as well as recognising other aspects of the hobby such as 'Best Fashion Doll Blog', 'Best Independent Online Fashion Doll Retailer' and much more. Once members have completed the nomination process the awards will be opened up to the public vote on 5th January 2015. The winners will then be announced on 22 February 2015 via the site. Members should follow this link to…
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    CoolZips Toys: Latest News

  • Waiting For Bok Choy Boy

    25 Jan 2015 | 3:01 am
    For a kid, it can seem like it takes forever for a package to arrive. Even if it's only been a couple of days.Candy and I have been waiting for over a year for the new series of Bok Choy Boy to be released. Finally, Series 4 has arrived!These cool urban figurines sport unique Chinese symbols matching the zodiac signs. Our favorite is of course the dog!Check them out and start your collection today.Peace, Love & Dog Biscuits!
  • What Superhero Would You Be?

    30 Nov 2014 | 2:43 am
    Have you ever dreamed about being a superhero? Maybe Batman, Superman or The Flash!I would be MinPin (cross between a Miniature Pinscher and Dachshund). My superpower would be a lightning fast tail that could deter my sister Candy from stealing my chewy when I’m not looking.Here's Joey modeling his Under Dog costume. Take a look at these fun DC Comics Buildables and start thinking about who you would be.Peace, Love & Dog Biscuits!
  • Top 10 Thanksgiving Shout Outs

    27 Nov 2014 | 2:41 am
    I don't know why they do this to us . . .  But go ahead and laugh . . . Get it out of your system . . .Anyway, here are my top 10 Turkey Shout Outs.To the checkout girl at Petsmart. Thanks for the treats.To Japanese Puzzle Erasers. Thanks for keeping me busy all day.To Stan at the deli counter. You cut it lean.To Rainbow Loom. Love those New Confetti Bands.To Windex and Brawny. For those midnight accidents.To U-Lace. Thanks for making my kicks look so cool.To my good friends. Thanks Candy, Patriot, Bobo and Gracie.To my Shopkins faves . . . Curly and Tommy Ketchup you…
  • Green and Popular

    23 Nov 2014 | 9:43 am
    While I was reading the paper this morning, I came across an ad for a garage sale that had a whole bunch of the green plastic army men that were so popular back in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Nowadays, most kids remember them from the Toy Story movies.I thought that they were really cool. But, I’m not into war games. So, here’s a really great take on this classic toy.They’re called Toy Boarders. They come in three awesome styles . . . Skateboarding, Surfing, and Snowboarding . . . and they kept me busy for hours upon hours during the recent snowstorm. They're super fun…
  • The Happiest Place On Earth

    21 Nov 2014 | 11:56 pm
    I've never been to Disney World, but I've been told that it’s the happiest place on earth.But I’ll let you in on a little secret . . . playing with toys all day isn't so bad either!And here’s what CoolZips and Disney have in common. They’re called Wikkeez.There are 52 iconic collectible figurines including characters such as Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, and even Olaf from Frozen! Some you’ll recognize really quickly and others may just downright stump you.Take a look at this selfie of Candy (she's my other sister). Do you know who that handsome guy is she's looking at?Candy is…
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